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Kings Point, Fitness, Active Lifestyle, Group Fitness, Group Workout

Fitness Studio

No matter what shape you’re in… there’s a fitness class for you in Kings Point Suncoast. The large group exercise room accommodates the larger fitness classes, while the smaller exercise room allows for a more intimate setting for quieter and more specialized classes. If you are thinking about moving to one of the best 55 plus communities with fitness centers, consider Kings Point Suncoast!

Kings Point, Fitness, Active Lifestyle, Group Fitness, Group Workout

We are proud to offer the following group fitness classes:

Land Classes

  • Zumba – Latin inspired cardio class filled with fun dance moves.
  • Group Power – combines, squats, lunges, presses and curls with functional integrated exercises.
  • Power Yoga -yoga class designed to challenge strength and stamina as well as improve flexibility to enhance athletic performance
  • Pilates – a low impact mat class that focuses on toning and strengthening the abdominal, back, and legs.
  • Flex & Flow – combination of Tai Chi, yoga & Pilates style movements set to a variety of music to work your core, challenge your range of motion, strength and balance.
  • Rejuvenation Yoga – Low impact, relaxing, mindful yoga emphasizing flexibility and light strength. Breathing and stress management techniques incorporated
  • Sit & Get Fit – Train the entire body using various pieces of equipment while remaining seated.
  • Bums & Tums – a short and intense class that isolates core and gluteal muscles.

Water Classes (Indoor & Outdoor Pools)

  • Water Power Hour – total body workout using water weights for resistance to the upper body and a noodle for resistance to the lower body.
  • Deep H20 – Designed for the avid exerciser, participant must be able to swim.  Class includes treading, stroking, paddling, pedaling and more!
  • Joint Effort – Emphasizes range of motion activities that include gentle strengthening and fitness exercises.
  • Water Walking – Walking in the pool doing various movements with the body to get a cardiovascular and toning workout.
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