1900 Clubhouse Dr, Sun City Center, FL 33573

Active Aging Week Kings Point Florida

Comments From Residents and Guests

  • "I retired and started looking for homes in the Brandon area because that’s always where I thought I would retire to, but when my realtor brought me here, for the amount of money, I couldn’t have done better. An added bonus was all of the great amenities. I take advantage of the exercise classes at the 2020 Centre, I go to the dances and to Rockin’ Rendezvous on Thursday nights. When I drive through here, I feel like I’m home. I feel like I know the people in Kings Point better in the 2 ½ years than the neighbors I had for 18 years in the Tampa area."  Brenda Presley
  • “I just love it here.  I do Zumba, Total Body, I work out in the 2020 Centre, I tap dance, I line dance.  I keep really busy!  I love living in Kings Point.  It’s the best thing that ever happened.”--Shelly Brooks
  • “We’ve met a lot of friends through all the activities that we belong to.  We belong to about 5 or 6 dance clubs.  The exercise, the pool, the pool parties, Rockin’ Rendezvous.  We love Karaoke—he loves to sing!”--Linda

    “Financially what a break.  It’s half the expense of where we lived before and we do double the amount of activities.  We’re never bored!”--Ron

  • “We love the people, they’re very friendly. We love the security, that’s number one. We love Kings Point because it’s established, well run, secure, very clean and we don’t have to think about maintaining our homes, so we have more time to do things for ourselves and enjoy life. My favorite place is Spa Serenity to keep me well groomed!  I get my hair colored and cut once a month and I get manicures and pedicures.  It’s very convenient to have a salon right inside the community.”--Lillian & Fred Hormozdi
  • “We moved here for all of the activities because we wanted to stay more active during our retirement years.  Like my daughter puts it, it’s like an all-inclusive resort. We chose Kings Point because it was more affordable.  We felt we got much more for our money than any place else we looked.  Other places were comparable or more and you got way less for your money.”--Pat Miller
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